The Shirley
Portland, Oregon
Global Works Community Fund
Interstate and Rosa Parks Ave

The Shirley mural was made fully in collaboration with the youth of Global Works Community Fund. The root of the design is focused on healing and safe space. The youth and Salomée created the design together through color, forms, and concept. 

This design focuses on seeking safe space and comfort, and the healing that happens through that. The colors reflect what safety feels like. Bodies of water and nature have been a key element in my own healing journey, they calm my nervous system down and tell my brain I am safe and okay. This mural is meant to add this feeling to this street and location.

Global Works Community Fund develops youth who want to define their own life. We remove barriers to access and help diverse youth find their voice in activism and community engagement.  We are a youth-leadership organization that nurtures diverse young leaders through art, community engagement, travel, and nature-based projects to make lasting community impact

This project was created through their Unity Through Arts program.  Art is a way of expressing the times, needs of community, and voices of individuals. Through public art projects with community members, our fellows share power and perspectives through what they create. Projects in this sector include developing murals, digital magazine publication, community art exhibits and documentary film. Partners include Color Outside the Lines, Metro East Media, Salomée Souag, and diverse local artists.


Photography Haley Busch / Assistant Painters Global Works Community Fund youth and mentors

Finished mural

September 16