Hey Love
Portland, Oregon
The Next Jupiter Hotel
North East Burnside

A mural created in collaboration with Jupiter Next Hotel and Color Outside the Lines to focus on community and the celebration of our connection to nature.

Painted in Collaboration with Color Outside the Lines and NAYA Portland.

A mural that speaks to togetherness, bodies in movement sharing and balanced on each other expressing the spirit of community, care, and love. These bodies are also sharing their food and water to translate the message of unity even further. When we choose to care for outside of ourselves and our world, we open ourselves up to shared knowledge, resources, and guidance. We can break barriers and boundaries society has set up for us, the false dream of everyone fending for themselves and climbing their way to an empty top. We can achieve so much more surrounded by true community.

Together we rise.
Together we fight back.
Together we overcome.


Photography Ryan Warner and Salomée Souag / Assistant Painers Naya, Color Outside the Lines kids and mentors