Stronger Together
Gresham, Oregon
Living School of Art
Cherry Blossom

Collaborative mural with the youth part of Living School of Art, which is a program in Gresham oregon providing kids with the tools to be creative and express themselves freely.

Mural design made in collaboration with the kids of the Living School of Art. They expressed they wanted to continue my message of community and togetherness and include plants and foliage from their community garden and home they had grown themselves and with their families. This mural lives within their neighborhood and is a center of play and inspiration. "Feels like looking at the sun, a sun looking at me from my window" one of the youth mentioned to me which warmed my heart deeply. My job as an artist is to bring home to youth and communities in need of it.


Photography Haley Busch / Assistant Painters Living School of Art kids and mentors


Finished mural
September 20