Salomée Souag is a muralist, designer and creative from Switzerland who holds her Peruvian and Algerian ancestors closer to her heart, her community and her work. She currently lives in Portland & prides herself in her multi-cultural identity and encourages others to step outside of the box society has created for them.

Salomée (AKA Sola) has shifted from the corporate advertising world to fully immersing herself in the push for a revolution. In her consistent and continuous evolution and artistic practice, she curates revolutionary work to give power to the people, the youth and artists. By taking up space in all forms, whether through projection mapping and large scale painting, wheat pasting and installations, or workshops for BIPOC artists and the next generation, Souag’s bold and powerful work encourages everyone to break down boundaries and borders, and to imagine expression.

“Art and design are able to change perspectives; one wall at a time, one poster at a time, one message at a time. Expression is a weapon for change, we the creatives can fight all that is of hatred in the world. The system wants us to be oppressed and complacent, to not question everything. With art we are able to fight against that by bringing all perspectives to the surface and creating a culture that pushes for equality and justice.”

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