Target Mural
Portland, Oregon
Cedar Hills Location 
NW Cornell Road

Target in collaboration with Salomée Souag to design, concept, and paint a mural that celebrates community. 

A design that brings together movement, boldness, diversity, and power.

A mural that focuses on the idea of the growing and the building side of the community and is centered in story telling my perspective of Portland. The design of the abstract forms and shapes are made to work with the arches and curves of the Target logo. Portland is a place that feels different from the rest of the states, it feels more nurturing and giving to nature. A big inspiration is our diversity in landscapes and ecosystems from the ocean, valleys, prairies, vineyards, volcanos and mountains all located in one small part of the world. Here, the coffee culture is strong and engrained in the people, there is respect that goes towards the process of coffee and its' history. Powells' books sits proudly in the center of our city and is also an iconic place in Portland, giving us access to information and all our fantasies, a place to bring like-minded humans together. The bridges in Portland are quintessential, they sit fearlessly on the willamette river like our ancestors reminding us of our history as they connect two different worlds and bring unique architecture to the city.

These bridges make a big impact in our everyday lives as we cross the river from the West to the East. The city of roses we are called, a city that is still swallowed by nature wherever you go; not a city that has completely removed nature in its wake. The people here live for what nature has to give, we want to balance our place as humans by respecting and nurturing nature back to way it takes care of us. A cycle of love and care for each other and our unreplaceable mother nature.

Portland and Beaverton is a city that lacks culture and representation for creatives and Black, Brown and Indigenous people, this piece can bring in culture in a way that gives power to them, inspires them to keep creating, to come together, to feel seen and represented. The piece is strong on representing people of color taking up space unapologetically through bold colors, strong forms, and a loud message.

Overall a design made to bring more color into the world, more free public art that represented togetherness and the strength of community in Portland.


Photography Haley Busch, Ryan Warner and Yvanna Ramos / Assistant Painters Eskelin Beilharz and Lou Souag