Ladies Up Murals
Portland Oregon
Portland Street Art Alliance
1401 SE Morrison St

Portland Street Art Alliance’s Ladies Up Project brings new murals to SE Portland, all by female-identifying artists based in Portland, Oregon.  

The Ladies Up Mural Project at Morrison Place, (1401 SE Morrison St, along SE Alder St), is in partnership with the property owner Killian Pacific, sponsors Miller Paint and Metro Paint, along with donations from neighborhood residents.

This mural space is part of a unique donation-based community mural program, where PSAA is provided full curatorial control and artists are provided considerable open creative freedom in their work.

For this collaboration, PSAA chose a broad theme: a line-up of emerging local female-identifying artists. Female/femme/non-binary artists are highly underrepresented when it comes to overall access to painting in public space. As a result of this gender inequity, not all perspectives and stories are being told in our artistic landscape. Street art is a very male-dominated culture, so PSAA has been working to create opportunities and safe spaces for female-identifying muralists to paint.

This project is part of PSAA's Community Art Program, where property owners and the community provide donations to support public art projects that are fully curated by PSAA. Selected artists are provided small stipends for their work, along with very open creative freedom to produce work that they want to add to their portfolio. This program often supports emerging artists, experimentation, and innovation.