Happy Lucky
Portland, Oregon
Happy Lucky Creative Office
Southeast 7th and Oak Street

Happy Lucky in collaboration with Salomée Souag to design, concept, and paint a mural that visualizes their mission and vision as a company.

This design is made to reflect the purpose of community and care, the cycle of love and sharing between bodies in space. The two bodies are represented in similar, but unique positions as they water the Earth and nourish it with their love and strength. This water gives birth to a blooming flower which is abstracted to communicate the strength in coming together to heal and celebrate. The natural elements now are able to also give back to the people and continue this beautiful cycle of love and power. Healing and love are revolutionary acts that have the power to change the world.

The design of the flower is inspired by my own background, as it merges North African and South American designs and forms. The mural is a combination of cultures and messaging that are all rooted in the idea of “Together We Rise.”

Photography Salomée Souag / 
Assistant painter 
Lou Souag